LPO Exam Study Course

  The Limited Practice Officer Exam Refresher Course is available to help those studying for the LPO exam, and those who are looking for a “brush up” course to renew their knowledge and skills. 

The LPO examination is difficult and requires intense preparation in order to pass.  This comprehensive course covers real estate principles, approved documents, APR 12 requirements and supporting rules, a review of the study guideline, and tips for studying.

 Study course FAQ’s: 

1.  How do I sign up for the course?

     You can sign up for the course by using this link:

2.  How do I pay for the course?

      You pay using the PayPal system or with your credit/debit

3.  What are the benefits of an online course, rather than a physical

               Complete the study course in the comfort of your home or

               Tailor your study program to meet your individual needs—
length of study time and review of materials.

               Save on expenses—travel, hotel, etc.

               Save on time spent at a physical location, and study at a time
that is convenient for you.

               The course is available throughout the year, not just one time
prior to the examination. 

4.  What if I have questions on the material?

     All students have access to our instructor via email.  You send in
your question and receive an email r
esponse from the instructor. 

If you plan to sit for the LPO examination, you owe it to yourself to check out this online course as a necessary part of your study program.