About Us

The Escrow Association of Washington was formed in 1962 by a group of escrow officers and company owners with the desire and determination to improve professional development and provide quality education to its members. Since the group was formed, we have actively worked to educate members of the settlement industry, monitor legislative activity, and work with regulators to develop laws and rules that improve the industry and protect the consumer.

In 1965 the Association introduced and supported legislative activity which resulted in the passage of the Escrow Agent’s Registration Act, RCW 18.44. This is the law that governs the practice of escrow in the State of Washington for independent escrow companies. Subsequently there have been revisions to the law, and the Association has played a key role in helping to formulate changes to the regulations. Title companies and attorneys are exempt from licensing under RCW 18.44, although the principles and practice of closing are the same and they are subject to their own governance rules.

The Association was instrumental in working to obtain APR 12, the Limited Practice Rule, a Supreme Court Rule implemented in 1982, with first testing and licenses issued in 1984. The Rule allowed the preparation of legal documents by lay persons, which provided the opportunity for escrow practitioners to continue to provide the service of escrow to the general public.

As an Association, EAW joined with other state organizations to form the American Escrow Association in 1980. Proud to be a charter member of AEA, our Association continues to be an active participant on the National level, which provides additional education and representation for our members, most importantly at the federal regulatory point.

EAW provides exceptional education through the online education program, seminars, and meetings, as well as networking opportunities and social media. The Escrow Association of Washington is committed to fostering professionalism, integrity, service to the consumer, and the sharing of knowledge within our industry.