• American Escrow Association - Annual Business Meeting and Education Conference

    May 18-20, 2017

    Bellevue, Washington


  • Legislative Updates

    2017 Regular Legislative Session Adjourns Without A Budget Deal Again…

    After 105 days in Olympia, state legislators failed to reach an agreement on the details of the state operating budget, and went home for the weekend.  It’s no surprise to anyone who’s been around on the hill since January; is this even news?  Yet, another lackluster performance on budget negotiations.

    During the regular session each political party assigned blame for the absence of negotiations.  The closely divided Senate (R’s by 1) blames the House. The closely divided House (D’s by 2) blames the Senate.  Consequently, Governor Inslee has called the Legislature into a 30-day special session.  And, if their past performance is an indicator of how well they negotiate, there will be likely more than one special session.  In 2013 and 2015, they went into double overtime.

    House Democrats are not going to get all the of the tax increases they seek.  Senate Republicans are not going to suddenly roll over. By the same token, Senate Republicans cannot hope to satisfy the McCleary mandate of $3.8 billion dollars without more dedicated revenue or by shifting a complicated property tax decision to voters.

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