Legislative Updates

Sine Die- 2018 Legislature Adjourns on Time…

Sine Dine on Thursday, March 8th- The House and Senate adjourned around 10:30 PM. Thursday night after passing the state supplemental operating budget late in the day, and passing about 25 bills that were necessary to implement the budget.  This is the first time in 5 years that the Legislature has completed their work on time and have not extended session for another 30 days.

The 2018 session ends the biennium; all legislation that did not pass this year will have to be introduced as a new bill during the 2019 session.  The 2019 session will be a budget-writing year, regular session will last 105-days and the volume of legislation introduced will be greater.

EAW Legislative Efforts- EAW’s seasoned lobbying team had the opportunity to actively advocate, as a settlement industry stakeholder for the passage of SB 6057, recording standards commission.  Unfortunately, the Senate bill died in House State Gov’t when executive action was not taken.  The failure of the bill passing out of committee was not due to lack of lobbying effort on EAW’s part, but was due to lack of consensus among the auditors’ themselves.  Senator Kuderer (prime sponsor) is committed to working with stakeholders throughout the interim so an agreement can be worked out, and the bill can be reintroduced during the 2019 session.

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Bill Status Report

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